Gigi Mariani
Storm, 2017
Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina, brooch
diameter 5.5 cm
unique and signed


One of our major highlights, Storm is a remarkable wearable sculpture piece that epitomises Gigi Mariani’s examination with metal as his canvas for expressive mark making. Mariani’s artistic practice engages with an antique, almost forgotten technique. Incorporated in such contemporary, abstract form, the artist often uses niello, a blackener with the aid of sulphur, which conceals the preciousness of the silver and gold. This unique attribute to niello is given under the application of heat; “blood clots” and cracks appear in the surfaces — making them appear marked by age, creating such a ridged texture. In his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas, he heavily contrasts the precise, geometric form of the brooch with such expressive mark making attributed to the niello. In addition to precious metals, the basic materials of Gigi Mariani’s jewelry include iron, copper and brass. His creations’ unique aesthetic appeal is due to the fact that these sculptural and often cuboid pieces have been crafted by a goldsmith who also works as a visual artist. 

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