Ania Guillaume
Spring Flowers, 2017
Silver and yellow gold plated necklace
21.5 x 13 cm
Unique and signed


In sculpture as much as in wearable art, there is a strong perception of the spiritual natural universe. Flowers or animals are designed within the shape of the jewel and, once worn, they create an elegant dialogue within the wearer and nature. The first wearable art pieces were made in 2011 in gilded bronze and later she moved to silver gold plating.

Spring Flowers is a gold plated silver necklace that engages with Guillaume’s interest in nature’s spirituality and its elements. Every unique piece the artist creates is casted from wax and takes form of hand sculpted petals, then made into gold plated silver, as the elements of nature embraces the body in a sculptural fashion. As it wraps around the body, Spring Flowers bring an aura of energy and elegance to the wearer.

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