Giorgio Vigna
Sasso, 2015
Mixed media, copper, and silver magnetic bracelet
Inner diameter 7 cm, outer diameter 11.5 cm, height 5 cm circa
Unique and signed

The use of copper for its aesthetic value has been linked since ancient times to the production of jewellery: fine examples are the pieces designed and made by Giorgio Vigna. 
All of these wonderful pieces have reference to nature: rocks, pebbles, stones, shelves. 
Incredibly light in weight, they become part of your body and naturally adorns it. 
Vigna manipulates copper in its multiplicity of variations in colour and oxidation. Over the copper, you’ll find layers of silver, gold, glass forming new forms that tell a story or reveal a new beauty of nature. 
Another originality of these pieces, is the presence of strong magnets that substitute the clasp or the needle. The brooches can be used on light fabrics as well as on thick coats and furs. They are also very beautiful as suspended pendants or buckles. 

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