Ute Decker
Rose, 2017
18kt Fairtrade Gold ring
4 x 3.5 cm
Unique within a series
Signed – UK Hallmark with artist initials UD, 2017


As natural roses curl and blossom, gently extending their petals out into the world, Rose captures that momentary movement of expansion and beauty in an eternal golden ring. It’s intricate, tightly curled extension into the spaces around the hand echoes that delicate beauty. From a finger-sized loop, Decker continues to curl the metal in a looser arc, then vertically arches the gold, as if encapsulating the finger. Part of Decker’s ongoing series, The Curling Crest of a Wave, the first edition of Rose now sits in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Rose is equally dynamic in its materiality as it is for its wearability. This ring has been doubled as a pendant hanging from a golden torque also made from Decker, which re-transforms this statement piece amongst collectors.

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