Frank Stella
Ring, 2008
18kt yellow gold ring
4.4 x 8.9 x 5.1 cm
Edition 8 of 10
Signed and numbered

Inspired by baroque artists, who developed illusionistic “tricks” to convincingly suggest that their subjects emerged out of the canvas and into the space of the viewer, Stella extended his paintings into the third dimension to enter the viewer’s space with protruding materials. He further developed this concept creating exuberant sculptural works dominated by tangles of curves, spirals and loops.

The wearable art project came to life through the collaboration between Stella and Ernest Mourmans. The drawing of the ring stems from a 6-meters sculpture. It took six months for realization, as it is all handmade and welded in 28 parts. Taking six months for realization, this beautifully crafted ring is Stella’s first piece of wearable art.


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