Gigi Mariani
Pebbles, 2018
Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina, bracelet
10 cm diameter, H 2 cm
unique and signed


Gigi Mariani works with antique, techniques that have gone so long as to be nearly forgotten. Despite the main body of Pebbles being made in silver, Mariani maintains that earthiness of the jewel by using niello, a blackener with the aid of sulphur, and conceals the preciousness of the noble metal. Under the application of heat, “blood clots” and cracks appear in the surfaces — making them appear marked by age. Mariani counteracts his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas through his precise, geometric forms, incorporating clean, yellow gold “pebbles”, dotted along the bracelet, in a contrast of materiality and surface texture. Mariani’s unique aesthetic creations are avidly collected due to the fact that these sculptural have been crafted by a goldsmith who also works as a visual artist, which display a sincere understanding of the wearability of his pieces.

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