Nidi (Nests)

Nidi (Nests), 2018
18kt gold earrings
9 x 7.5 cm circa
Unique and signed

With an artistic focus of anatomical study in relations to environmental elements, the artist brings forth new ways to interpret jewellery, as the work of art then transforms into a second skin of light and gold for the wearer. Sissi interlaces the symbolism of the bird’s nest with the anatomy of the human body by having the entire project completely handmade by herself, creating an ornate ring, a pair of earrings, and brooches that re-transforms into pendants. These embellished, yet delicate pieces act like sculptural works of her own. Carefully interwoven and welded with gold and silver threads, decorated with precious gemstones, Sissi’s contemplative process re-imagines a sculptural piece of art to work in tandem with the single wearer.
It was pivotal to Sissi that she was personally involved with the crafting of Nests. Her hands-on experiences reflected in the handcraft deeply incorporates her conceptualisation of the delicate works of art as an extension of herself and of the wearer. Nests draws its symbolism from natural nests which provides a safe place and is transformed into a second skin of golden threads. Her compassionate characteristics reflected into wearing something beautiful and delicate provides feelings of security on the body, embracing the individual’s own thoughts and feelings. Creating this sculptural piece for the one and only person to be unified with it, Sissi’s concept of the nest being a place of protection becomes very thought provoking as it is translated into a wearable piece of art. Nests can be displayed as a sculpture when taken off, and becomes a sculptural work of art that coincides with the individual when worn. Sissi’s meticulous crafts embedded within her anatomical investigations of wearable sculpture has metamorphosed her works into a second skin, akin to the wearer’s ritualistic daily life.


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