Joy BC
Frangere, 2021
18kt recycled yellow gold with champagne, honey and white diamonds pendant & handmade chain
2 cm length pendant
40 cm length chain (handmade)
Edition of 10
Unique within the series


‘All of my ‘Ruin-Lust’ works explore this idea of needing destruction as much as creation. Many of the surviving artefacts from ancient Rome and Greece are no longer intact. Sculpted images, for example, are missing limbs or facial features. These losses reflect their personal history. They are also an intrinsic part of their beauty and continuing appeal. The slow picturesque decay and abrupt apocalypse ruins are both captivating and beguiling. This piece in particular is celebrating breakages, failures, scars and stress lines. These works survived centuries, broken, missing parts, and yet they retained their enigmatic presence. Their breakages somehow make them even more beautiful.’ – Joy BC



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