Erwin Wurm
Cucumber, 2014
Silver brooch with sapphires
Cucumber length 4cm
Edition of 10
Signed and numbered


Erwin Wurm’s diverse, multimedia, witty oeuvre proclaims that “all is sculpture” in the spaces occupied by both art and life. The artist’s project of the ironic sculpture is one of the essential subversive strategies of modern art, occupying a prominent and original position.

For an awards ceremony Wurm created a pickled cucumber, a parody of a figure of victory, outweighing provocation. From this idea he created a series of 40 works entitled Self-Portrait as Cucumber, showing his ability to laugh at himself. The jewellery project in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani recreates the provocation and irony of the self-portrait works, with a series of cucumber made in silver and sapphires. What Wurm wants to raise with this work is the astonishment caused by realising that the jewellery, made with precious gems, represent a simple vegetable that would otherwise be unnoticed or considered unattractive.

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