Carla Accardi
Bracciale, 1998
18kt yellow gold cuff with 9kt diamonds
Unique and signed


Carla Accardi was one of the founding members of Forma I movement, which went beyond the field of abstract geometrical lines. In the context of the artist’s experimentation with light, the striking transition from the cold sparkle of diamonds to the soft, warm hues of gold (white and yellow) the jewellery series were designed. In 1949, in collaboration with the noted Italian jeweler Antonia Cazzaniga, a gold brooch and pair of earrings were made with diamonds and corals. In 1998 in collaboration with a noted jeweler from Rome, Accardi realized a series of jewellery whose motifs echoed the artist’s abstract forms. These pieces included a pair of round earrings, a necklace and a bracelet were made in unique or in edition of 2 using onyx and diamonds or gold and diamonds. In 2004, the artist designed a series of a ring, a pendant and earrings in white gold, diamonds and onyx, recreating her black on white works on canvas and Sicofoil plastic.

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