Sophie Whettnall
18kt yellow satin gold bracelet
5cm (H)
Edition of 6
Signed and numbered

“I had never designed jewelry before, nor had the idea of doing it ever crossed my mind. But when a friend asked if I’d be interested, I immediately said yes. My points of reference were very personal: I wanted to design something that I could see myself wearing, and something that would have a continuity with my work as an artist. That meant that there would have to be holes; recently, I have been particularly fascinated by the texture created through drilling. And there would have to be folds or curves, because they are elegant and mysterious: what’s on the other side? These two considerations led me to think of the bracelet and ring: flat surfaces that would become textured through drilling and voluminous through folding. Surprisingly, pretty much the first sketches I made felt right, and I resisted every impulse to tinker with them.” – Sophie Whettnall

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