22 JUNIO 2.015

David Rodríguez Caballero
22 Junio 2.015, 2015
18kt rose gold ring
45.20 grams; 8 x 7.5 x 2.6cm
Unique and signed

David Rodriguez Caballero is renowned for his geometrically reduced forms, which have been translated to a new formal vocabulary that is linked to Minimalism.  The themes explored by his wearable art, like his sculptures, recall a Constructivism that has been subject to a sense of lyricism and softness that originates from painting.  Geometric abstraction is one of the important paths of modern painting and sculpture—it is also important to contemporary music with its streaked structures and colourful overtones. In his wearable art, David Rodriguez Caballero brings his aesthetic obsessions to the third dimension, exploring  materials, and the relationship between meaning and object, support and form, dream and paranoia. Caballero manipulates light through his bending and folding of material.

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