Frank Stella Ring, 2008 18kt yellow gold ring 4.4 x 8.9 x 5.1 cm Edition 8 of 10 Signed and numbered Inspired by baroque artists, who developed illusionistic “tricks” to convincingly suggest that their subjects emerged out of the canvas and into the space of the viewer, Stella extended his paintings into the third dimension to enter the viewer’s space with protruding materials. He further developed this concept creating exuberant sculptural works dominated by tangles of curves, spirals and loops. The wearable art project came to life through the collaboration between Stella and Ernest Mourmans. The drawing of the ring stems from a 6-meters sculpture. It took six months for realization, as it is all handmade and welded in 28 parts. Taking six months for realization, this beautifully crafted ring is Stella’s first piece of wearable art.  

Time ring


Tatsuo Miyajima Time Ring, 2009 18kt white gold with white L.E.D., includes two batteries 4.3 x 3.9 x 3.9 cm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered Tatsuo Miyajima is one of Japan’s foremost sculptors and installation artists. His work has origins in the philosophy of Buddhism that conceives everything to be in continuous change, connected and lasting forever. The three leitmotivs are effectively expressed in his art through the recurrent reference to time in its perpetual flow. ‘My art relates to time and history, life and death, mind and soul and in particular to human existence. All good arts relate to thoughts about human existence.’ Tatsuo Miyajima Miyajima’s art is characterized by the combination of ever-changing numbers and digital light-emitting diodes (LED). Time Ring, the project in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani, perfectly encapsulates this binomial as well as the philosophy of his art. The rings, made in yellow, white or rose gold, present a LED digit display that works as a counter. Numbers are constantly flowing from 1 to 9 or vice versa representing the endless cycle of life. The zero is identified as the symbol of nothing and stillness and, therefore, it remains omitted on purpose. The counting speed ranges from […]

Godfather of Soul


Tom Sachs Godfather of Soul, 2009 18kt yellow gold necklace Pendant: 5.1 cm x 1.8 cm Chain: 65 cm long Box: plywood, resin, mirrors, steel screws, safety lock:  39.5 x 35.5 x 7 cm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered The Godfather of Soul is a necklace that was created by Sachs to celebrate the icon of Soul music, James Brown. Not only a musician, James Brown reinvented himself and innovated his industry. The Godfather of Soul is beautifully framed in a cabinet made of plywood so that it can be displayed on a wall. Sachs made the cabinet from ready made and found objects and he assembled it in his studio in New York. The idea is to have the necklace on the wall as a precious object to contemplate. 

Foglia (Leaf)


Giuseppe Penone Foglia (Leaf), 2011 “The imprint of the skin, the lines of the hand, nails and veins draw, literally and metaphorically, a network that links us to the leaves and trees, water and stones, animals.” – Giuseppe Penone 
Giuseppe Penone, member of the Arte Povera group, throughout his career explored the connections between natural and cultural forms. In the early 1970s the artist used his body as his principal subject, projecting images drawn from the surface of his skin on to plaster casts of his face or on to wall surfaces. The connection between man and nature is also transferred into the collaboration project with Elisabetta Cipriani resulting in Foglia (Leaf), a necklace of a twig and a pure gold leaf with an imprint of Penone’s palm.

Five Pointed Golden Knuckle


Atelier van Lieshout Five Pointed Golden Knuckle, 2010 18kt yellow gold, cabochon stones: rose quartz, turquoise, carnelian, agate green, agate blue ring 4.5 x 4.5 x1.2 cm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered Atelier Van Lieshout’s work is characterised by deliberate contradictions between form and function. Reluctant to being conventional and limited, AVL always finds a creative and aesthetic solution. The jewellery pieces in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani flavour AVL’s entire unique brand of humour and irony. Five Pointed Golden Knuckle can be worn as a ring, but also can be used, if the situation demands, as a ‘weapon’.



Ifeanyi Oganwu Cityscapes, 2016 9kt rose gold earrings 4.5 x 2.3 cm Edition of 12 Signed and numbered Inspired by metropolitan skylines mirrored on bodies of water, the Cityscapes Collection seeks to unify natural and manmade landscapes. Here, the functional support acts as a horizon line from which shards are reflected to create interactive elements with varying geometric intricacy. Works in the collection include a double ring, large earrings, and a pair of cufflinks, all of which grow from aggregated clusters of folded shards – the primary unit of the designs.



Pedro Cabrita Reis B5, 2015 18kt yellow gold and iron bangle 7  x 4.8 cm Unique, signed and titled A letter to Elisabetta Cipriani Dear E, I was never attracted by jewels. I’ve told you this several times. In the end perhaps that’s why I’ decided to accept your provocation? Challenge? Invitation? Or perhaps you just knew that I wouldn’t resist doing something new, exploring most of all my limits, my inclinations, my prejudices and why not admit it, my fetishisms. During the process of making these pieces there was a somehow omnipresent, vague and yet entangling eroticism as if bending, twisting, welding was a caress. There is no difference in doing a jewel, a sculpture or a drawing. At least not for me. I’m a painter that, after all, does many other things but always with that strange but intense emotion of the first moment.With these bracelets, such a moment was the anticipation of the encounter between the metal and the body, the harsh and the gentle.Vitality of life comes of its contradictions, antagonisms, its permanent tension, a stream of clashes. In art, like in life, harmony is fragile in appearance, and, in the pieces I’ve created for you, gold and iron, […]

Happy Cufflinks


Atelier van Lieshout Happy Cufflinks, 2009 Silver and red gold enamel cufflinks 2 x 2 cm Edition of 20 Signed and numbered   Happy Cufflinks and Oval Family, designed by Atelier Van Lieshout in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani, are cufflinks representing a family connected to each other, happily strolling and dancing. Evoking the idea of the perfect family, both cufflink’s are an excellent present to give to your partner.



Erwin Wurm Cucumber, 2014 Silver brooch with sapphires Cucumber length 4cm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered   Erwin Wurm’s diverse, multimedia, witty oeuvre proclaims that “all is sculpture” in the spaces occupied by both art and life. The artist’s project of the ironic sculpture is one of the essential subversive strategies of modern art, occupying a prominent and original position. For an awards ceremony Wurm created a pickled cucumber, a parody of a figure of victory, outweighing provocation. From this idea he created a series of 40 works entitled Self-Portrait as Cucumber, showing his ability to laugh at himself. The jewellery project in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani recreates the provocation and irony of the self-portrait works, with a series of cucumber made in silver and sapphires. What Wurm wants to raise with this work is the astonishment caused by realising that the jewellery, made with precious gems, represent a simple vegetable that would otherwise be unnoticed or considered unattractive.