Carrying Memory ring

Carrying Memory ring


Chiharu Shiota Carrying Memory, 2018 18kt gold ring 4 x 10 cm edition of 8 plus 2 AP’s unique and signed   Through the use of 18kt gold, Chiharu Shiota intricately intertwines and folds threads which gradually expand into the universe, becoming an extension of the body in space. The ring that can also be used as a pendant, has been conceived and perceived in the same way as Shiota’s thread installations in which she integrates meaningful object related to everyday life. The traces left behind by a human life are also conceptually explored in the ring/pendant, which is made entirely of golden webbed threads to symbolise the inside of a human body, connecting the wearer with the past human experiences that are left in the golden traces of Carrying Memory.  



Adel Abdessemed Game, 2016 18kt white gold laser-cut razor blade earrings 7 cm long Edition of 10 Signed and numbered “Game est une arme et un ornement – un objet à double tranchant. Une architecture de lames de rasoir telle que je les élabore….  il s’agit d’un prisme aussi bien que d’une évidence – une sorte de ‘beauté fatale’…” Adel Abdessemed “Game is a weapon and an ornament – a double-edged object. I developed it as an architecture of razor blades … it is a prism as much as an evidence – a sort of  ‘fatal beauty’…” Adel Abdessemed Game (2016) is the first wearable art project designed by the artist Adel Abdessemed, in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani. Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of ‘fatal beauty’, Abdessemed created a chain bracelet and a pair of earrings made of an accumulation of white gold laser-cut razor blades. Game encapsulates the notion of fatal beauty by being both lethal and attractive in its appearance. It provides the person who will wear it with a complex interplay between being threatened and at the same time reassured by its beauty. Through its complex identity, Game draws from Abdessemed’s artistic practice, in which he consistently blends elements […]



Meret Oppenheim Sugar ring, designed in 1936, executed in 2014  silver gold plated ring with sugar and white marble 3.4 x 2.5 x 2 cm  Gems and Ladders edition   ‘I love natural materials. But everything man makes is nature, even plastic, even the atomic bomb,’ Meret Oppenheim observed in an interview with Valie Export in 1975. The sugar ring, which Meret Oppenheim designed in the mid-1930s, is an absurd and delightful combination of artifice and so-called nature, of opulent and cheap materials. The throwaway and frangile sugar cube is elevated to the status of a lasting, precious stone; an edible material is made wearable. At any time the wearer can exchange the cube for a fresh ‘jewel’ or even for a real gemstone.    



Carol Bove Untitled, 2016 blackened aluminium and silver earrings 8.5 cm edition of 25 Gems and Ladders edition   With these earrings, Carol Bove recreates the four light fittings that hang outside the David H. Koch Theater in New York. The building was originally called the New York State Theater; it was built as part of New York State’s participation in the 1964–65 World’s Fair and is owned by the City of New York. The building’s architect was Philip Johnson, who united neoclassicism and modernism and was famously inspired by Mies van der Rohe. In collaboration with Gems and Ladders and the Kunsthalle Zürich.  



Michele Oka Doner Goddess Minaudière, 2007 sterling silver clutch 15.2 x 17.8 x 5.1 cm edition of 8 plus 1AP signed and numbered   A ruthless, yet beautiful biosphere, is the only way to describe the works of Michele Oka Doner. A hunter and gatherer, Doner finds her inspiration from her collected objects of intrigue, from archaeological finds such as fossils and stone tools, to nature formed objects such as bird skulls and sea shells. She channels this curiosity into everyday rituals, incorporating organic forms that resemble tree barks, the human body, and even reflecting shapes of the human body. Through her sculptural and decorative works, Doner re-fashions everyday objects, and re-conceptualises our ceremonial aspects of enjoying the daily life. In her project, Goddess Minaudière, we see Doner reinterpret the rituals surrounding a minaudière. This is commonly known to be a decorative small box-clutch normally decorated with embellishments, and they are often used for a special evening event. Doner deconstructs our understanding of the minaudière and erases its traditional box form. Goddess Minaudière is made devoid of any such decorative gemstone, and humanises its form, strongly evoking themes of femininity sculpted through the body contours of the goddess of love, Venus. […]

Head Between Hand


Francesco Arena Head Between Hand, 2018 18kt yellow gold earrings 3 x 2.5 cm & 2 x 1.7 cm edition of 10 signed and numbered   For his first and to this day only wearable art project Francesco Arena created something rather personal by using his own body to realise his vision. Each earring has an imprint of the artist’s finger – one of the thumb and the other of the pinkie finger. Once these gorgeous earrings are worn, Aren’s right hand is metaphorically embracing the head of the wearer. A newborn typically expands his hand with the aim of grabbing anything that surrounds him. This gesture symbolises his will to live and to experience what is around him. This gesture has not changed for the artist, not even in his adult age, as he keeps on opening his hand to grasp what he wants and what he needs. Thumb and little finger get apart from each other to greet or to intimidate, to touch or to grab.  

Atena Lemnia


Giulio Paolini Atena Lemnia, 2016 18kt white gold bas-relief necklace with white gold torque 5 x 5 cm Edition of 8 Signed and numbered Giulio Paolini’s first wearable art project has been ideated around the idea of love. This gold bas-relief pendant is inspired by former installation of the artist ‘Sulla Soglia’. It represents a woman in Hellenistic style seen from behind, facing directly at the heart of the wearer. She is trying to trespass the threshold between the outer and the inner dimension, emphasizing the universality of the gaze as a bonding action This piece condenses the essence of the artist’s research that has always demonstrated interest in exploring the nature of images and the relationship between image and viewer. Through replication, fragmentation and citation Paolini often incorporates elements from the past into his artworks, thus establishing an artistic dialogue across times and styles.



Pascale Marthine Tayou Gri-Gri, 2017 18kt yellow gold ring with South Sea pearl, beads, African cloth, and coloured threads Unique within a series of 7 Signed Traditionally the term ‘gri-gri’ has been related to good-luck voodoo talismans of African origin. Likewise, Tayou’s rings are amulets that stem a positive energy coming out from the hidden beads – there is a Shaman potion hidden inside! To realize these unique works the artist wraps the cloth very tightly with different coloured threads around a pearl symbolizing purity. Tayou believes that art cannot be separated from life and consequently his artworks repeatedly include objects from everyday life, often gathered during his trips. The journey, the encounter, the energy, the spontaneity and chance are concepts that shape Tayou’s art, leading to pieces that entail an eccentric and colorful mix of everyday situations, human peculiarities and geographies. The ‘Gri-Gri’ rings conveys the African tribal identity in the form of a ring, a jewellery piece with a relevant symbolism in European tradition, creating a blending of rituals and civilizations. This union results in a sophisticated piece of cultural synthesis, following the vibrant and playful style of Tayou’s artworks.   Image courtesy of Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery and GALLERIA […]

The fly


Ilya and Emilia Kabakov The Fly, 2010 18kt yellow gold fire enamel earrings with emeralds, diamonds, peridot Edition of 10 Signed and numbered “The Fly is for us a symbol of freedom. It can go anywhere, be everywhere and we don’t even notice its presence, because she is so insignificant. Nobody can control the fly, even in totalitarian state, where everybody’s life and movements can be limited and controlled, the fly is free.”  – Ilya Kabakov The Fly wearable art project was first designed by Ilya Kabakov in 1992 and originally conceived as a present for his wife Emilia. However, it remained unrealised until 2010, when Elisabetta Cipriani encouraged the artist to finally bring it to life. The fly, one of Kabakov’s best known and recurring motifs, encapsulates a dual meaning. On the one hand, it is a metaphor for the smallness and insignificance of the individual against the omnipotence and repression of the Soviet Government. On the other hand, it represents the freedom of the soul, escaped from the earthly bonds of existence. The fly travels everywhere unnoticed, from the most ordinary and humble place to the most elevated and sacred one without distinguishing between them. This concept draws a […]

Maskhara with Lizard and Cricket


Avish Khebrehzadeh Maskhara with Lizard and Cricket, 2014 L.G.R sunglasses with gold, black diamonds, and enamel silver pin Edition of 25 Avish Khebrehzadeh in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery has created a limited edition of the high-end sunglasses by L.G.R., enriched with details in different precious materials. The sunglasses, as a physical mask and facial ornament, are a deliberate play with the notion of a mask, focal in the artist’s more recent works, being in essence a study of conditions, behaviours or gestures through which the individual either conceals the true self or projects an alternative self. Our life is a mask, even to ourselves. It is neither visible nor tangible. It is simply there. We mock, ridicule, transform our masks as we come upon others. (Avish Khebrehzadeh)