Nidi (Nests)

Nidi (Nests)


Sissi Nidi (Nests), 2019 18kt gold thread ring with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds 4.2 x 4.2 cm circa Unique and signed With an artistic focus of anatomical study in relations to environmental elements, the artist brings forth new ways to interpret jewellery, as the work of art then transforms into a second skin of light and gold for the wearer. Sissi interlaces the symbolism of the bird’s nest with the anatomy of the human body by having the entire project completely handmade by herself, creating an ornate ring, a pair of earrings, and brooches that re-transforms into pendants. These embellished, yet delicate pieces act like sculptural works of her own. Carefully interwoven and welded with gold and silver threads, decorated with precious gemstones, Sissi’s contemplative process re-imagines a sculptural piece of art to work in tandem with the single wearer. It was pivotal to Sissi that she was personally involved with the crafting of Nests. Her hands-on experiences reflected in the handcraft deeply incorporates her conceptualisation of the delicate works of art as an extension of herself and of the wearer. Nests draws its symbolism from natural nests which provides a safe place and is transformed into a second […]



Sophie Whettnall Bracelet, 2019 18kt yellow satin gold bracelet 5cm (H) Edition of 6 Signed and numbered     “I had never designed jewelry before, nor had the idea of doing it ever crossed my mind. But when a friend asked if I’d be interested, I immediately said yes. My points of reference were very personal: I wanted to design something that I could see myself wearing, and something that would have a continuity with my work as an artist. That meant that there would have to be holes; recently, I have been particularly fascinated by the texture created through drilling. And there would have to be folds or curves, because they are elegant and mysterious: what’s on the other side? These two considerations led me to think of the bracelet and ring: flat surfaces that would become textured through drilling and voluminous through folding. Surprisingly, pretty much the first sketches I made felt right, and I resisted every impulse to tinker with them.” – Sophie Whettnall

Piovra Bracelet


Paolo Canevari Piovra (Octopus), 2019 Oxidised silver and cultured pearls bracelet 10.2 cm tall, 7.0 cm wide Edition of 10 Signed and numbered The Octopus, which elegantly wraps around the wrist of the wearer, symbolises various facets of power. The seductive power of the erotic in Japan, the omnipresent power of the mafia in Italy, and in Hollywood the enigmatic creature of the ocean symbolises the uncanny power of the criminal and terrorist organisation Spectre in the famous Bond movies. The bracelet invites its wearer to reflect on the complex interconnectedness of seduction, danger and authority, as the eight-armed animal once inspired the creation of the gorgon Medusa’s head, in Ancient Greek mythology.



Ania Guillaume Sérénité (Serenity), 2018 Gold plated hand-sculpted brass candle holder 16 x 15 cm Edition of 8 plus 4 AP Signed and numbered In collaboration with Acampora Profumi   Sérénité (Serenity) is part of the Gingko series of miniature, wearable sculptures, visually derived from the leaves of the ancient Japanese tree. It was first designed in 2011 with gilded bronze, until she started moving onto titanium, which proves to be much lighter and more dynamic. With the artist’s interest in nature’s intricate spirituality, the holders take form of hand sculpted gingko leaves made in gold plated brass embracing the candle like a sculpture. The gingko leaf was purposely chosen by the artist not only for its singular beauty, but mainly for the its meaningful symbolism of longevity and wellbeing that is associated with the history of Acampora and its wonderful aromas. A beautiful ginkgo sculpture enwrapping Acampora finest scents encapsulated in the candle,  Sérénité (Serenity) becomes an elegant piece of interior design.    

Carrying Memory ring


Chiharu Shiota Carrying Memory, 2018 18kt gold ring 4 x 10 cm Unique within an edition of 8 + 2AP Signed Through the use of 18kt gold, Chiharu Shiota intricately intertwines and folds threads which gradually expand into the universe, becoming an extension of the body in space. The ring that can also be used as a pendant, has been conceived and perceived in the same way as Shiota’s thread installations in which she integrates meaningful object related to everyday life. The traces left behind by a human life are also conceptually explored in the ring/pendant, which is made entirely of golden webbed threads to symbolise the inside of a human body, incorporating the wearer with the past human experiences that are left in the golden traces of Carrying Memory.  

ring band spheres in yellow gold


Pol Bury Ring band spheres in yellow gold, 2001 18kt yellow gold ring 8 ex + IV EA 2.4 (W) cm Marylart Edition   Pol Bury emphasizes movement as an essential element of sculpture, stressing that his works are not complete until they are set into motion. Working with stainless and Cor-Ten steel, he produced monumental balls that spin or roll, columns that rotate, and planes that slope, all operated by concealed manual mechanisms. The movement that he assigns to these sculptures is often a slow, imperceptible action that does not immediately register in the viewer’s eye. These jewellery pieces are only completed once worn, as the movement of the hand triggers the motion of the elements.



Meret Oppenheim Sugar ring, designed in 1936, executed in 2014  Silver gold plated ring with sugar and white marble 3.4 x 2.5 x 2 cm Unlimited edition  Gems and Ladders edition ‘I love natural materials. But everything man makes is nature, even plastic, even the atomic bomb,’ Meret Oppenheim observed in an interview with Valie Export in 1975. The sugar ring, which Meret Oppenheim designed in the mid-1930s, is an absurd and delightful combination of artifice and so-called nature, of opulent and cheap materials. The throwaway and frangible sugar cube is elevated to the status of a lasting, precious stone; an edible material is made wearable. At any time the wearer can exchange the cube for a fresh ‘jewel’. Courtesy of the Artist and Gems and Ladders  



Carol Bove Untitled, 2016 Blackened aluminium, silver earrings 8.5 cm Edition of 25 Gems and Ladders edition With these earrings, Carol Bove recreates the four light fittings that hang outside the David H. Koch Theater in New York. The building was originally called the New York State Theater; it was built as part of New York State’s participation in the 1964–65 World’s Fair and is owned by the City of New York. The building’s architect was Philip Johnson, who united neoclassicism and modernism and was famously inspired by Mies van der Rohe. Courtesy of the Artist and Gems and Ladders



Michele Oka Doner Goddess Minaudière, 2007 Sterling silver clutch 15.2 x 17.8 x 5.1 cm Edition of 8 + 1AP Signed and numbered A ruthless, yet beautiful biosphere, is what can only describe the works of Michele Oka Doner. A hunter and gatherer, Doner finds her inspiration from her collected objects of intrigue, from archaeological finds such as fossils and stone tools, to nature formed objects such as bird skulls and sea shells. She channels this interest into everyday rituals, incorporating organic forms that resemble tree bark, the human body, even reflecting shapes of the human body. Through her sculptural and decorative works, Doner refashions everyday objects, and re-conceptualises our ceremonial aspects of enjoying the daily life. In her project, Goddess Minaudière, we see Doner reinterpret the rituals surrounding a minaudière. This is commonly known to be a decorative small box-clutch normally decorated with embellishments, and they are often used for a special evening event. Doner deconstructs our understanding of the minaudière and erases its traditional box form. Goddess Minaudière is made devoid of any such decorative gemstone, and humanises its form, strongly evoking themes of femininity sculpted through the body contours of the goddess of love, Venus. This inversion of […]

Head Between Hand


Francesco Arena Head Between Hand, 2018 18kt yellow gold earrings Edition of 10 Signed and numbered     Head between Hand is the first wearable art project created by Francesco Arena. The two earrings are cast of the artist’s thumb and little finger. A new born baby typically expands his hand with the aim to grab anything that surrounds him. This gesture symbolises his will to live and experience what is around him. This gesture has not changed for the artist, not even in his adult age, as he keeps on opening his hand to grasp what he wants and what he needs. Thumb and little finger get apart from each other to greet or to intimidate, to touch or to grab. The two artist’s fingers will hold the wearer’s head who will keep on bringing the artist’s hand around to experience anything the wearer lives.