Deconstructed Portrait

Deconstructed Portrait


Joy BC Deconstructed Portrait, 2021 recycled 925 silver, recycled 18kt yellow gold and light brown natural diamonds ring 3 x 2.5 x 3.5 cm Edition of 3 (last piece) Unique within the series Also available:  Deconstructed Portrait, 2021 18kt recycled yellow gold with gold mounting and champagne diamonds 3 x 2.5 x 3.5 cm Edition of 3 Unique within the series Deconstructed Portrait, 2021 blackened recycled 925 silver, recycled 18kt yellow gold and light brown natural diamonds 3 x 2.5 x 3.5 cm Edition of 3 (last piece) Unique within the series “I see humans as a force of nature. Always having been attracted by portraiture I have kept a book of drawings of people throughout my life. My own desire of breaking, cutting and collaging propelled this work. This force may seem destructive, however destruction is part of creation. The portrait was originally based on Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. While investigating my Italian heritage and questioning my fascination with ‘classical’ figurative sculpture, I discovered many of the pieces I had seen in Italy and in British museums were Roman copies. This led me to question: why are ‘classics’ revered so highly, copied and repeated over centuries? Looking into the origins of […]

Rongorongo Earrings – Homage to Alan Watts


Tania Pistone Rongorongo, (Alan Watts) 2021 18kt gold with bespoke black enamel earrings 1.5 x 10 cm  Unique and signed   Tania Pistone’s wearable art project for Elisabetta Cipriani gallery came to life following the artist’s Rongorongo series, paintings which depict an imaginary alphabet on gold-leaf plates. In her Rongorongo paintings, Pistone creates symbols in a deliberate attempt to reach an ideal alphabet, which addresses our shared, collective human unconscious. A place which she believes has been shaped by the experiences of our ancestors. ‘This project was dedicated to Alan Watts, an English philosopher born in (1915 – 1973). His major contribution was given as a popularizer in the West of Eastern philosophies (Zen). In one of his many monologues, there is the one on: what is love, which I used to engrave the plates (obviously it is fragmented into the various jewels), but the intention is that the message they carry is that. I am attaching the text:’ -Pistone (translated from Italian) Well now really when we go back into falling in love. And say, it′s crazy. Falling. You see? We don’t say “rising into love.” There is in it the idea of the fall. And it goes back, as a matter of fact, to extremely fundamental things. That there […]

The Burghers


Atelier Van Lieshout The Burghers, 2021 satin and polished silver bracelet 3 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm Edition of 8 Signed and numbered   The Burghers symbolizes the ever-present human dilemma which is arguably more relevant today than ever before: the choice between the known and the unknown, between security and insecurity, between tradition and progress. The bracelet draws from a universal and timeless theme: what does one do in an emergency situation? The figures huddled together and each in a different state of mind, represent the various emotions that people go through in a time of conflict: heroism, fear, rebellion, survival, escape, compassion, cowardice, joy, loneliness and doubt. Moreover, The Burghers embodies the honeycomb that is humanity: civilians united together or alternately ensnared by the society that surrounds them. Like crabs clawing one another back into the trap, the artworks questions what we do if an opportunity arose, what role would each of us play? That of the Hero? Nerd? Killer? Helper? Healer? Saint or Sinner?    



Sonia Delaunay Abstraction, 1979 silver, enamel brooch and pendant with torque 7 x 5 circa edition 119/350 signed and numbered Artcurial edition



Gigi Mariani Words, 2014 Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello necklace 65cm long Signed and unique

Totem Necklace “Hero”


Aigana Gali Totem Necklace “Hero”, 2021 Gold-plated bronze necklace 28 x 16.5 cm full necklace, 14 x 11 cm when detached (head with bird on a sun disk), 215 grams. Edition of 25 plus 2 AP Signed and numbered Aigana Gali’s wearable art project Totem Necklace “Hero” (2021) is a contemporary reimagination of the traditional Kazakh necklace Onirzhiek. Historically worn by the warriors of the great Central Asian steppes, the spiritual craft of making the Onirzhiek necklace has been passed on between generations for millennia. The archaeological expeditions in eastern Kazakhstan have found examples of such amulet adornments from the sixth-fourth centuries Before the Common Era. In this totemic creation Aigana Gali brings her people’s ancient tradition into the modern world. The artist enlivens the customary interconnected horizontal rows of the Kazakh chest necklace with deities and metaphors from different times and locales of our global multi-cultural society. The bird reminisces about Noah’s biblical heroic salvation of the animal kingdom, and the luminous golden disk on which the bird rests references humanity’s oneness symbolized by the Ancient Egyptian God of Sun Ra. The Hero’s genderless face cautions of the dangers of the social ego, its wide-open third eye invites wisdom […]

Cocoons (Pendant)


Sissi Cocoons, 2021 18kt gold and blackened silver threads, natural coral, pendant 10 x 7 cm (chain 62 cm long) Unique and signed “The nest is not only the home of the body, but also a space that dresses and protects like the Cocoons wearable sculptures, cocoon-nests that enfold a content. The chrysalis represents both the rest of the being and its momentum, a continuous rebirth extended to the nature of coral. An aviary of intertwined gold and silver threads to enclose a fragment of coral in an embrace. A nature to be saved and to be given back to a protected place”. Sissi  

Vases (Vaso Vida) ring


Maria Nepomuceno Vases (Vaso Vida), 2021 18 kt yellow satin gold, 18 kt white gold, baroque pearl ring 3 x 3 cm (31 grams) Edition of 10 plus 2 AP Signed and numbered “My first (virtual) encounter with Elisabetta took place on February 2020, a few days before the Coronavirus pandemic begins. It was incredible to feel the world changing radically throughout the creation process. In my perspective, those little sculptures became to me a symbol of a time when people hugged each other, touched each other naturally, without fear. As a jewel touches the skin. In this project where I created those wearable sculptures, the human body is the support. I can experiment the perfect meaning of the work when it integrates with the body landscape.Those microcosms are atavistically connected to the work I’ve been developing in sculpture. Beads, pearls, vases…As babies the jewels evoke their origin at the large mothers’ installations that I produced. I named Vases these necklace and ring series of works, because it symbolizes the feminine power, fertility, vital energy. Vases contain the mystery where life happens”. Maria Nepomuceno  



Monica Bonvicini Ring, 2014 18kt white gold with white diamonds, soft chain ring Edition of 50 Vieri edition Monica Bonvicini incorporates humour into each jewellery piece, working between power and gender, her personal take on how to interpret jewellery. The key inspiration for the collection is based on a rejection of classical styles for open and inventive women and men. Personalities who dare to see jewellery as being about personal expression rather than just status.

Fin Ray (gold drops)


John Moore Fin Ray (gold drops), 2019 18kt yellow gold, sterling silver, silicone, rubber, steel magnets necklace 13 x 7 cm Unique John’s fascination with fish and their movement is captured here in a series of necklaces, shaped and articulated like the fin of a ray.