Carlos Cruz Diez Chromointerférence, 2013 18kt white gold in black rhodium necklace, impresac acrylic with UV pigment 6 cm diameter Edition of 10 Signed and numbered Carlos Cruz-Diez presents his limited edition of earrings, necklaces and rings, with Chromointerférence and Physichromies, which were developed by Familia Cruz-Diez in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani. The fine jewellery designed by Carlos Cruz-Diez allows us to carry on our hands or neck small Physichromies where the colour comes and goes, evolving in space as we move. Whilst in Chromointerférence pieces the jewel generates wave motions when it is manipulated.



Monica Bonvicini Ring, 2014 18kt white gold with white diamonds, soft chain ring Edition of 50 Vieri edition Monica Bonvicini incorporates humour into each jewellery piece, working between power and gender, her personal take on how to interpret jewellery. The key inspiration for the collection is based on a rejection of classical styles for open and inventive women and men. Personalities who dare to see jewellery as being about personal expression rather than just status.

Pebbles series #2


Gigi Mariani  Pebbles series #2, 2020 Silver, 24kt yellow gold, niello, patina ring 3 x 3 x h3,1 cm Unique and Signed Gigi Mariani works with antique, almost forgotten techniques. Using niello, a blackener with the aid of sulfur, he conceals the preciousness of the noble metal. Under the application of heat, “blood clots” and cracks appear in the surfaces — making them appear marked by age. Mariani engages his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas, incorporating he expressive medium of niello, he interrupts that surface texture through his precise, geometric forms. In addition to precious metals, the basic materials of Gigi Mariani’s jewellery include iron, copper and brass. His incredibly sculptural and geometric wearable works of art have become a testament to Mariani’s incredible attention to materiality as both a goldsmith and visual artist.

Fin Ray (gold drops)


John Moore Fin Ray (gold drops), 2019 18kt yellow gold, sterling silver, silicone, rubber, steel magnets necklace 13 x 7 cm Unique John’s fascination with fish and their movement is captured here in a series of necklaces, shaped and articulated like the fin of a ray.  

Rongorongo (ring)


Tania Pistone Rongorongo, 2019 18 kt gold and bespoke coloured enamel (red, white, black and blue) ring 1,5 cm height or variable dimensions Unique and signed Tania Pistone’s wearable art project for Elisabetta Cipriani gallery came to life following the artist’s Rongorongo series, paintings which depict an imaginary alphabet on gold-leaf plates. In her Rongorongo paintings, Pistone creates symbols in a deliberate attempt to reach an ideal alphabet, which addresses our shared, collective human unconscious. A place which she believes has been shaped by the experiences of our ancestors: “The modern human is unable to recover the vision of the world held by our ancient ancestors, a vision which I believe still lives within us. We can only access it is through symbols which represent a story, a colour, a number, or a star… To make a sign vibrate as a symbol our interpretative intent must be to achieve that freedom one feels after making a void. This void gives the symbol some space to activate within us, just like sound vibrations in a sound box. A soundbox cannot produce any vibrations if it is full or if it is completely closed. The sign then becomes a bridge between two worlds, where […]

Fossil Twist Necklace


Liliane Lijn Fossil Twist Necklace, 2019 Electroformed silver and gold plate necklace 70cm long circa Edition of 8 Signed and numbered     Evocative of her visual abstractions and material manipulations, Lijn’s concept of the primal earth are finely tuned with the geological sciences. As humanity uncovers the remnants of past creatures,  the cycle of life and death are drawn into continuous momentum of renewal and vitality that Lijn echoes in her Fossil series. The way these necklaces engage so fittingly with the wearer evokes a very personal dialogue with Lijn’s motifs of the primal earth. In a very personal, meditative approach with these pieces, Lijn begins her pieces by moulding a clump of very hot wax to create these ornaments upon the necklace piece.  The high temperature, granted this malleable nature of the wax to manipulate the mass and resemble these earthen elements. As technology has allowed her to work with a diverse range of materials in her sculptural work; instead of cast metal, electro-forming was used to carefully reflect the same earthen surface texture reinforced into these necklace pieces. Fossil Twist Necklace is a testament to Lijn’s incredibly attention to materiality and form. In order to wear it we […]

S (H) AVING – Nautilus


Maria Sole Ferragamo S ( H) AVING – Nautilus, 2020 Palladium plated brass and blue varnish earrings Diameter 3.5cm, weight 7g per earring Unique within an edition of 10 S(h)aving is the newborn project of SO-LE Studio that sees Maria Sole Ferragamo working for the first time with metal leftovers, exclusively for Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery. It was born in Sole’s favourite place to be: the factory. During one of her visits to the one that produces the metal elements of her leather jewellery, her attention was captured by a group of bins, containing shining little creatures. They were brass shavings – a mountain of them – of different forms and sizes, covered in oil and united in a huge tangle. Their destiny was to be melted into other brass, but Sole decided to explore the vibration that was there and asked if she could take some to the studio. These brass shavings had an energy, something to say, but never to be repeated. She handpicked each of them, open to explore what they could be transformed into. By following this flow each earring was born with a unique personality and form. The brass shaving is moulded and shaped by Sole’s hands, then coated […]

Round Midnight


Gigi Mariani Round Midnight, 2015 Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina bracelet Diameter 6.7 cm Unique and signed Gigi Mariani’s works have aimed to revitalise antique techniques of gold smithing. Incorporating niello, a blackener with the aid of sulphur, he conceals the preciousness of the silver metal. Under the application of heat, “blood clots” and cracks appear in the surfaces — re-purposing the surface materiality into earthen grounds, aged and weathered. Mariani extends his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas, incorporating clean geometric forms of metallic droplets as if to indicate the human erosion of the earth, and the ring as a landscape picture. Mariani’s practice as both visual artist and goldsmith demonstrates his full awareness of materiality and its characteristics towards wearable works of art, which makes his unique creations so charismatic and sculptural to the wearer.  



Giorgio Vigna Segmenti, 2015 Oxidised silver and 18 kt yellow gold ring with and South sea pearl Unique and signed Giorgio Vigna’s artistic pathway is a journey out of the ordinary expressed by the strong link between his broad artistic research and nature, and the relationship that connects form and matter. In the jewellery, as much as in his artistic production, Vigna shows his versatility. The artist creates unique pieces expressing the diverse disciplines he works with: the virtues of glass, the jewellery as sculpture, and the soul of the precious.

Shell (Neptunea Angulata)


Rebecca Horn Shell (Neptunea Angulata), 2014 18kt pink gold ring Edition of 12 The jewelry project came to life through collaboration between the artist and Luisa del Valle, a noted goldsmith living in Spain.  After months of research, del Valle sourced rare stones, shells and ammonites to develop the concept of movement and energy central to Horn’s work. Each piece is unique, hand-made and exquisitely crafted by del Valle through the ancient Etruscan technique.  As a result of their collaboration, this jewelry is  a mélange of antiquity and contemporaneity, timeless sculptural pieces in the form of rings, earrings and necklaces which are deeply sensual.