Monica Bonvicini Ring, 2014 18kt white gold with white diamonds, soft chain ring Edition of 50 Vieri edition Monica Bonvicini incorporates humour into each jewellery piece, working between power and gender, her personal take on how to interpret jewellery. The key inspiration for the collection is based on a rejection of classical styles for open and inventive women and men. Personalities who dare to see jewellery as being about personal expression rather than just status.

Pebbles series #2


Gigi Mariani  Pebbles series #2, 2020 Silver, 24kt yellow gold, niello, patina ring 3 x 3 x h3,1 cm Unique and Signed Gigi Mariani works with antique, almost forgotten techniques. Using niello, a blackener with the aid of sulfur, he conceals the preciousness of the noble metal. Under the application of heat, “blood clots” and cracks appear in the surfaces — making them appear marked by age. Mariani engages his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas, incorporating he expressive medium of niello, he interrupts that surface texture through his precise, geometric forms. In addition to precious metals, the basic materials of Gigi Mariani’s jewellery include iron, copper and brass. His incredibly sculptural and geometric wearable works of art have become a testament to Mariani’s incredible attention to materiality as both a goldsmith and visual artist.

Hyperion pendant


Giorgio Vigna Hyperion, 2020 pendant in ground Murano glass with yellow gold liquid, oxidised copper granulation also on the reverse 8 cm diameter Unique

Rongorongo (ring)


Tania Pistone Rongorongo, 2019 18 kt gold and bespoke coloured enamel (red, white, black and blue) ring 1,5 cm height or variable dimensions Unique and signed Tania Pistone’s wearable art project for Elisabetta Cipriani gallery came to life following the artist’s Rongorongo series, paintings which depict an imaginary alphabet on gold-leaf plates. In her Rongorongo paintings, Pistone creates symbols in a deliberate attempt to reach an ideal alphabet, which addresses our shared, collective human unconscious. A place which she believes has been shaped by the experiences of our ancestors: “The modern human is unable to recover the vision of the world held by our ancient ancestors, a vision which I believe still lives within us. We can only access it is through symbols which represent a story, a colour, a number, or a star… To make a sign vibrate as a symbol our interpretative intent must be to achieve that freedom one feels after making a void. This void gives the symbol some space to activate within us, just like sound vibrations in a sound box. A soundbox cannot produce any vibrations if it is full or if it is completely closed. The sign then becomes a bridge between two worlds, where […]



Paolo Canevari Sweets (Snake), 2019 Silver Ring 4.5 x 3 cm One of 10 designs from a series of 100   The instincts from our childhood to play and fiddle with the wrapper after the candy is gone, evokes the thought process as Canevari engages in this project, Sweets.  Often, the artists engages with the limitations of the malleable aluminium wrapper in such playful whims which subverts our ability to recognise objects. From the suggestion of a cushion-cut ring design, to the reptile shapes of snakes and lizards, the limitations of candy wrapping thrusts Canevari’s mythos of happiness into creating this nostalgic dialogue between the piece and the wearer, reminiscent of our childhood imaginations. Each wearable piece reflects Canevari’s examination of recognisable images and permanence. Pieces from Sweets are cast in silver, and yet, the unique textures of the aluminium foil plays with our perception of materiality as we find what is believed to be fragile, is actually everlasting.



Giorgio Vigna Crystalline, 2019 18kt yellow gold and yellow sapphires ring 3.63 x 3.11 x 1.7 cm Edition of 10 + 3AP Signed and numbered



  Jean Cocteau Taureau, 1961/62 circa 23kt gold pendant 56 grams circa; 11.6 x 7cm Edition of 50 Ref. 1491 Atelier Hugo Editions The wearable art collaboration between François Hugo and Jean Cocteau began in the 1960 and led to a collection of sculptural pieces that were born out of Cocteau’s prolific collection of drawings. Together, they went on to create a total of 13 jewellery pieces, some in 23 carat gold and others in 18 carat gold and adorned with precious stones. Many of Cocteau’s designs are of human profiles and mystique creatures, inspired by ancient civilisations and astrological symbols. In 1961 the pieces were exhibited at the International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery in London.  Combining the sobriety of a 23 carat gold with other more linear pieces in 18 carat gold encrusted with precious stones, the pieces encompass Cocteau and Hugo’s artistic vision.   Profil Necklaces / Pendants, Brooches 6 Taureau Necklaces / Pendants, Featured 8



  Giorgio Vigna Floralia, 2019 18kt yellow gold earrings with pearls 10.5 cm long Edition of 10 + 3AP Signed and numbered  

Vane necklaces


John Moore Vane collection Long thin necklace with aluminium discs, brass, silicone, silver, and magnets 65 cm x 1.5 cm Edition of 20 per colour (red and black; yellow and black ; blue and green) The Vane collection takes its name and inspiration from the soft part of a blue and yellow parrot feather that John had in his studio. As he turned it slowly in his fingers he noticed how the colours appeared to change. He was mesmerised. It was a simple, optical effect caused by the colouration and structure of the fibres, which he then celebrated with this collection.  

A selection of rings as sculptures and as wearable sculptures


        Ania Guillaume one of a kind rings inspired by nature