Meret Oppenheim

Courtesy of Lisa Wenger, Carona, Switzerland

Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985) was a great representative artist of the Surrealist group. Through her intellectual research, she managed to push this artistic movement in new innovative directions becoming one of the most important figures in the Swiss cultural scene.

The artist’s work encompasses different art, from painting to sculpture, but also include writing, furniture, clothing and even jewellery that becomes wearable sculpture. She made no distinction between these genres, and ideas were frequently remade in different forms.

Meret Oppenheim was a passionate participant in the Basel carnival; she collected traditional masks and made costumes of her own. In her works, costumes or adornments offer disguise and permit playfulness; in fact, with this wearable sculptures, the wearer might take on the properties of what they are carrying. In the case of Oppenheim’s Snake Ear Cuff  the person wearing this jewellerymay take on the sinuousness and stealth of the reptile.

The wearable art pieces by Meret Oppheneim are representative of her personality and between humour and elegance they explore female sexuality, identity and exploitation.