FROM LONDON TO ROME |Precious (IDENTITY) | 13 – 19 April

“The starting point is the encounter with the artist, whether planned or unexpected, it begins the challenge to create a wearable sculpture, not only precious but also capable of expressing a new identity. This is the result of the artist’s creativity, of the dialogue with the gallerist and of the personality of whom chooses to wear it.”

Originally from Rome and now gallerist in London, Elisabetta Cipriani will be back in her hometown after nearly eleven years, choosing the ‘room of Babel’ at the Nuova Pesa Gallery of Simona Marchini. A room with a strong identity to bring together twelve artists with different aesthetical languages: not only a jewellery exhibition, but a chance to share artistic paths, at times dialectical, which find accord in the space provided by Elisabetta Cipriani.

The abstract avant-garde of Carla Accardi, the relief structures of Enrico Castellani, the reflections on space and memory by Pedro Cabrita Reis, the strong message of Jannis Kounellis’s Arte Povera, the metaphor on spiritual energy of Rebecca Horn, the humour of Erwin Wurm – defined ‘as cool as a cucumber’– and the primordial, natural shapes of Giorgio Vigna are only some of the artistic provocations of (Precious) Identity.

 All of this brings Elisabetta Cipriani back to Rome to talk about the uniqueness of the dialogue with the artist through which each project is realised, and the identities that these sculptures donate to the person who chooses them.

The exhibition will open on Wednesday 13th of April with a “Conversation between Giorgio Vigna, Elisabetta Cipriani and Simona Marchini” to engage in the interpretation of the exhibited artist’s sculptures and to extend an invitation to wear them.

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