Elisabetta Cipriani – Wearable Art is delighted to announce its participation for the first time at MIART during the 23rd edition of the fair. On this occasion Elisabetta Cipriani is pleased to present the wearable art projects she has been doing since the last eight years with 23 established visual artists together with a new initiative that showcases fresh creations by young and talented artists, the EC Lab.


To name just a few of the wearable art pieces Elisabetta Cipriani will be exhibiting at the fair are the ones created by Enrico Castellani, Jannis Kounellis, Giulio Paolini, Pascale Marthine Tayou and Rebecca Horn.  Superficie by Enrico Castellani is the first wearable art project echoing his works on canvas called, indeed, Superficie where the geometric pattern creates an intriguing interplay between light and shadow within the gold surfaces. Jannis Kounellis created a ring called Labbra which is a cast of his own lips and a reminiscent of the ancient Greek funerary masks that symbolize the absence of breath. Giulio Paolini’s creations are a manifesto of the artist’s idea of love and are designed to celebrate the union within a couple, Due in Uno ring, and the connection between the outer and the inner dimension, Amore senza Psiche and Atena Lemnia necklaces. Gri-Gri rings by Pascale Marthine Tayou are amulets that emanate a positive energy coming from the hidden beads that are wrapped around African cloths and multicolour threads. Rebecca Horn’s Medusa bracelets are also talismans of positive energy as they are made of yellow gold and black tourmaline that is recognized to deflect and dispel negative entities.


This year the gallery is also working on a new project called EC Lab. Keeping an eye on young artists and designers, whose source of inspiration is art, EC Lab wants to promote and encourage experimentation and creativity in the young generation. These young artists and designers will create special editions for EC Lab. The first to be presented is SO-LE Studio that is committed to sustainable design and claims its distinctive approach to the medium through the use of the leather remains from the luxury fashion industry. This young designer, Sole Ferragamo, won the first place in the fourth International Design Competition ‘Craft the Leather’ at Central Saint Martins University and by using this fabric she challenges the traditional aesthetic of leather bringing a fresh outcome to the artistic jewellery world. Sole gets her inspiration from optical and kinetic art, architecture and fashion. On the one hand, referring to optical and kinetic art she is intrigued by the rigorous patterns, by the balance between voids and solids and by the illusion of giving movement that in her creations is given by contrasting colours, geometric patterns and sharp cut of the leather. On the other hand, architecture is a reference when it comes to structure the piece. Finally, the biggest source of inspiration in fashion is the Elizabethan Era for the design of the costumes and for the idea of regal and strong women.


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