EC Lab is a project started in February 2018 with the aim to promote and encourage experimentation and creativity in Jewellery Designers and Under 30 Visual Artists. Challenging traditional aesthetic and proposing different use of materials, both designers and artists bring fresh approaches to the medium and shape fascinating pieces filled with symbolic content.

The Jewellery designers represented by the EC Lab believes in the infinite possibilities for self-expression through wearable objects, beyond the limitations of what is now widely considered to be 'normal' jewellery. The designers make each piece unique combining craft skills with modern processes. Their unconventional approach to jewellery emphasizes the importance of the interactive experience. Each work is conceived in relationship to the wearer, in the way it moves with the body and in the visual impact. Compelling sculptures with rich textures and unique presence.

In addition, Elisabetta Cipriani is committed to encourage and stimulate Under 30 Visual Artists to realize limited edition wearable art for the first time. A curator will be invited to present a group show once a year. The opening of EC Lab will also contribute to expand the circle of wearable art collectors and reaching out to those keen on exploring this subject for the first time.