24th – 28th March | Mythical Creatures: a Magical Collaboration

24th – 28th March | Mythical Creatures: a Magical Collaboration


We are very thrilled to announce an unusual and unique exhibition of Wearable Art. It is an extraordinary dialogue between Art Couture and Art Jewellery. The theme behind this presentation is Mythical Creatures. Each one of us is a mythical creature within ourselves. We welcome you to see how these creatures manifested themselves into art. With expressive and dramatic canvases and textiles unifying  fine art into luxury couture, Aigana Gali, in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani, engage the ethereal dialogue of wearable art and sculptural forms through mythological creatures that capture our imaginations. On the 24th of March, we will inaugurate this exciting exhibition at 12pm with a talk between Aigana, Dina Marchant, Andrea Jarvis Hamilton and Elisabetta. And for our night-owls, we will share a preview with drinks onwards from 6-8pm.   The exhibition will be on view at Andrea Hamilton Studios, 68 Kinnerton Street (Belgravia), from the 24th – 28th of March, 11am – 7pm. On the 29th, by appointment only.  About Aigana Gali: contemporary artist whose work conjures a universe of resilient colour, immersive textures, and the mystery of existence. Aigana’s unique brand Manifestations Art Couture is at the forefront of unifying the art and fashion worlds, to offer unique […]

International Women’s Day: Five Inspirations


The 8th of March marks the return of International Women’s Day, and with it, Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery honours the multidisciplinary practices of wearable art projects and collaborations with leading female contemporary artists.   On this day, the world brings major recognition to the achievements of women from all industries. It represents that everyone deserves to have a voice, to tell their story, and to choose how they want to convey it. This year, International Women’s Day calls for the theme of Each For Equal, that the world broadens its perceptions beyond seeing gender and focus on what’s truly important, and so we salute the creative talents and ingenuity of women that continue to become so accomplished. For this occasion we would like to celebrate the works of five inspirational female artists who have challenged their artistic practices, often working with sculpture, painting, and architectural design, and redefining what it means to wear a work of art. Experimenting with different materials such as gold and silver, these artists confronted the major complexities surrounding wearable art, how it caters to wearer, how it reflects the characteristic of the artist, and how it presents a design that is fundamentally different from their other […]

The Fly – Ilya and Emilia Kabakov


Elisabetta Cipriani speaks to Ilya and Emilia Kabakov about The Fly  Widely known as pioneers of conceptual art, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are among the most significant international artists to have emerged in the late 20th century. Having worked together since the late 1980s, the Russian-born American based duo is best known for their paintings, drawings, and immersive installations which address ideas of utopianism. Elisabetta Cipriani invited the Kabakovs to discuss their expansive artistic career and wearable art collection, The Fly. EC: You started working together in the late 1980s. What led to this artistic partnership, and why do you enjoy working together? IEK: This is a loaded question and one we always try to avoid answering. How can you explain why your relationship works? Why your marriage doesn’t fail? Or how you won a lottery/ you simply cannot. But we can say this: love, mutual respect, ability to listen to each other and… intervention of some luck and Angels. The rest is easy. We have been working together for 31 years now and we have known each other… forever. We wouldn’t be together if we didn’t enjoy working together. Our life is our work and our work is our life. EC: Over the past […]

Modern Day Talismans


For as long as jewellery has existed, jewels have been worn as amulets, charms, or talismans. A talisman is believed to carry magical and protective powers; some protect the wearer from danger or negative energy, others bring good fortune, and others serve as symbolic declarations of love, strength, and hope. Talismanic jewellery is a universal form of adornment with prehistoric origins. In India and ancient Greece, gold was believed to have healing powers; ancient Chinese and Egyptian culture believed that jewels, such as turquoise and jade, were the keys to the afterlife; the Aztecs understood the mystical value of jewels, offering emeralds and jade to the gods by throwing them into the sea; and in traditional African  and Islamic cultures, talismanic jewellery was worn to ward off evil spirits. Interest in talismanic jewellery, in their different forms, continues to have tremendous international appeal today. Drawing inspiration from both ancient and modern cultural symbolism, Elisabetta Cipriani’s wearable art collaborations highlight contemporary artists’ reinterpretation of amulet materials and symbols to create new kinds of enchanting talismanic jewels. Inspired by ancient beliefs in the mystical healing properties of stones, German contemporary artist Rebecca Horn and Lebanese jewellery designer Noor Fares are united in […]

Inside the Spiritual Mind of Jewellery Designer Noor Fares


Elisabetta sat down with Noor Fares to discuss her career as a contemporary jewellery designer and the launch of her new Prana collection. EC: Throughout history, humans have attached great emotional and symbolic significance to jewellery. Why do you think jewellery has so much meaning? NF: Jewellery has so much meaning because it is a reflection of our culture, our tribe, and an expression of our personality which can be passed on through generations. Narrative is very important with fine jewellery, its story allows the wearer to connect with the piece and from this the story continues with them. EC: Your pieces are like modern day colourful talismans, inspired by ancient beliefs in the mystical healing properties of stones. Is protection an important component to your jewellery designs? NF: I have always believed in the healing properties of stones and I think that often the stone chooses the wearer by fulfilling something that might be lacking. That said, this is not something I like to enforce but rather subtly touch on in my collections. EC: Your new Prana collection explores the ancient seven Chakra system, namely Muladhara (Root), Svadhishthana (Sacral), Manipura (Solar Plexus), Anahata (Heart), Vishuddha (Throat), Ajna (Third Eye), and Sahasrara […]

Wearing the Earth


Liliane Lijn speaks to Elisabetta Cipriani about her powerful Earth Body Art Elisabetta Cipriani sat down with Liliane Lijn, an extraordinary artist, whose diverse artistic career spans across more than four decades. Since the early 1960s, Lijn has worked as a revolutionary artist in the field of kinetic art – working across media to explore the interplay between language, movement, mythology, light, matter, science, and technology. We invited Lijn to discuss her wearable art sculptures, which are rooted in the vitality of planet earth. EC: Your wearable sculptures push the boundaries of jewellery. Each piece has a raw, organic aesthetic and is a direct reference to geological forms, such as lava, fossils, and meteorites. Why does the dynamic earth interest you? LL: I have always felt very close to nature, more than that, I am nature and I want to be aware of this reality. We now know that life on this planet is delicately balanced, that the planet is alive with an infinitely complex ecosystem. As a small part of it, I try to examine it, much as a child would, by playing.   Liliane Lijn, Magma Cuff (2018), 18kt gold cuff, edition of 5 + 1AP, unique. Photography: Deniz Guzel EC: You once said […]

Migration in Gold: Ai Weiwei’s Exploration of Migration and Human Dignity


Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery sat down with Ai Weiwei, China’s most famous artist, to discuss the launch of his highly anticipated second wearable art project collaboration, Ring W and Ring M. A cultural figure, political activist, and artist, Ai Weiwei moves between modes of production to explore contemporary issues, including migration, shared history, systems of cultural value, political surveillance, and cross-cultural exchange. Comprising of two unique 24kt gold rings, his new and exclusive wearable art project reveals the artist’s continued interest in exploring themes of human migration and dignity. The statement pieces investigate what it means to be trapped, bound, and deprived of the freedom to travel and determine one’s own existence. By combining the artist’s signature iconography with iconic symbols of contemporary society, the powerful gold rings depict stories of migrants, which unfold underneath a mysterious half-moon: by foot or by sea, some are portrayed travelling together and others alone. The artist’s use of 24kt gold as well as his reference to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics further reinforce the power of the wearable artworks as representative of the artist’s acute social awareness and exquisite artistic craftsmanship. At its core, the wearable art project is a manifestation of Ai Weiwei’s sensitivity to the duality of […]

The Natural Allure of Giorgio Vigna’s Work


The evocative art of Giorgio Vigna is rooted in nature’s metamorphic phenomena. He fluidly interchanges the artistic mediums of sculpture, works on paper and jewellery, inviting us to understand our relationship with the cosmos through engaging our senses. His works trigger our imagination through their textures, sounds and movements, evocating the mystery of our attraction to the natural world. In celebration of Elisabetta Cipriani’s 10 years of collaborations with the world’s leading visual artists, we invite one of the gallery’s first partners, Giorgio Vigna, to discuss his relationship with wearable art. GV: It makes me very happy to know that I am one of the first artists your gallery represented. It has now been ten years! EC: Yes, it all started with our first collaboration. You were there from the beginning. How has this journey together been like for you? Giorgio Vigna, Segmenti, 2018, oxidised silver and 18 kt yellow gold necklace, unique and signed.Photography credit: Francesca Moscheni.     GV: I know that you appreciated my art even before you opened your gallery. Working together has been important for me because it has always made me feel that I was in good company. It also gave me the opportunity to show some of […]

Paolo Canevari’s Powerful Symbols


“A jewel, a work of art is a presence that reminds us of the importance of emotion, of life, of our values ​​and ideals” Paolo Canevari’s art works are nothing short of academic philosophical essays. The artist fearlessly takes on the burden of human history, dissecting and re-appropriating cross-cultural symbols in an invitation to a collective and honest self-awareness. In response to today’s unstable and divided political climate, Paolo’s first wearable art project asks us to re-evaluate the meaning of power, both historically and in our contemporary globalised society. In our interview, we delve into the mind of this brave thinker. EC: Your Roman She Wolf necklace holds a special place in my gallery’s collection. We both grew up in Rome, where the symbols of bygone empires and their ever-changing heroes are embroidered into the city’s daily life. Your art is created by and against this visual language of power. A recurring theme in your work, and one which you have chosen for your wearable art projects, is animal symbolism. The eagle, the octopus, the beautiful she-wolf – what do these animals mean to you? PC: What fascinates me about the world of symbols and icons is its capacity for change […]

Meet John Moore, the dance master of jewels


“Nature is untouchable to me. It’s foolish for anyone to try to replicate it or beat it” – John Moore tells us with the humble confidence of an artist who won the prestigious Goldsmith’s Company award in 2016 – the industry’s highest form of recognition. “It’s about paying homage to nature, celebrating it but in a way, which is honest to its construction and to yourself”. John’s ability to create pieces which draw inspiration from the living world yet stay truthful to his unique vision has earned him a cult following among jewellery collectors. The grande dame of wearable art Tuan Lee commissioned his first Verto necklace. Lady Helen Hamlyn, patron of the arts and founder of the The Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, is another energetic supporter of John Moore’s work. Last year’s prominent exhibition of contemporary jewellery, Bijoux Contemporains, Une Passion at Brussel’s BOZAR was followed by a beautiful catalogue; and John’s necklace notably graces the first page. At Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery we could not agree more with all the acclaim that John Moore’s work is receiving. Here, we offer you a glimpse into the magical headspace of this remarkable artist. EC: You mentioned to me […]