B by Pedro Cabrita Reis

B by Pedro Cabrita Reis


Elisabetta Cipriani – Jewellery by Contemporary Artists is delighted to announce B by Pedro Cabrita Reis. The exhibition features seven unique bracelets made in iron and 18kt yellow gold. The exclusive collection of wearable sculptures will be on view from 17th to 31st of October 2015 at Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery in Mayfair, London.   A letter to Elisabetta Cipriani Dear E, I was never attracted by jewels. I’ve told you this several times. In the end perhaps that’s why I’ decided to accept your provocation? Challenge? Invitation? Or perhaps you just knew that I wouldn’t resist doing something new, exploring most of all my limits, my inclinations, my prejudices and why not admit it, my fetishisms. During the process of making these pieces there was a somehow omnipresent, vague and yet entangling eroticism as if bending, twisting, welding was a caress. There is no difference in doing a jewel, a sculpture or a drawing. At least not for me. I’m a painter that, after all, does many other things but always with that strange but intense emotion of the first moment.With these bracelets, such a moment was the anticipation of the encounter between the metal and the body, the harsh and the gentle. […]

Elisabetta Cipriani at Design Miami / Basel 2015


Elisabetta Cipriani - Jewellery by Contemporary Artists invites internationally acclaimed sculptors and painters to design jewelry as unique wearable sculptures. At Design Miami/Basel 2015 ( June 16 - 21, 2015), the gallery is delighted to present an extraordinary monograph of the Italian artist Giorgio Vigna as well as a selection of projects recently created in collaboration with the gallery.

PAD London 2014


PAD LONDON 2014 / October 13-19th / Berkeley square / W1 Elisabetta Cipriani – Jewellery by Artists is delighted to announce a group show including fifteen of the most well-know international contemporary living artists represented by the Gallery. Among the projects on display, an extraordinary collaboration with internationally acclaimed Rebecca Horn and noted goldsmith Luisa del Valle, that uses the ancient Etruscan technique of crafting, which brings to unique pieces of jewellery conveying a mélange of antiquity and contemporaneity. The snail rose gold ring evokes the idea of sensuality, movement and energy present throughout the artist’s ouvre.

Elisabetta Cipriani at Design Miami / Basel 2014


Elisabetta Cipriani – Jewellery by Artists invites well known sculptors and painters to design jewelry as unique wearable sculptures. The gallery is delighted to present an extraordinary collaborative project by the international acclaimed artist Rebecca Horn at Design Miami/ Basel. Horn gracefully shifts from one creative genre to the next as a sculptor who devises surreal extensions to the human body, as a performance artist who directs feature-length films, and as a poet who constructs elaborate mechanized sculptures. Yet, however interdisciplinary her work is, it is all finely interwoven. Themes of human vulnerability, emotional fragility, sexuality and energy pervade her narratives and binds together her production.

“Selected Jewels from Paris…” 6-15 February 2014


The exhibition "Selected Jewels from Paris / London..." was thought and designed to give people living in London and Paris the opportunity to view the jewellery which has been commissioned by galerie miniMasterpiece and Elisabetta Cipriani and has been designed by international visual artists and designers. The selected pieces of jewellery, which in total are 24 in London and 24 in Paris, have never been shown in a different commercial gallery. Some of these pieces have been presented in such Museum exhibitions as the wonderful itinerant show "From Picasso to Koons, the Artist as Jeweller" curated by Diane Venet and currently on view at the Seoul Arts Centre.

Elisabetta Cipriani at Design Miami 2013


Carlos Cruz-Diez is internationally considered a master living artist of our time for his contributions to the theory and practice of color. Most recently in April 2012, he inaugurated a monumental artwork of architectural integration, consisting of walkways for the Miami Marlins ballpark. For the On/Sight program, Carlos Cruz-Diez will strongly intervene with the presentation of eleven pieces of jewelry, six of which were realized for the occasion of the fair and an op wall sticker specifically thought and designed for the booth. The focus of this representation will be on color, line and the viewer’s perception.

World Jewellery Museum Seoul, Korea – “Beyond Liaisons” Exhibition


The World Jewellery Museum proudly presents Beyond Liaisons, the first major exhibition in Asia to explore the visual dialogue between art jewellery created by well-established international living artists and traditional jewellery from various cultures around the world. The contemporary artists featured in the exhibition include Jannis Kounellis (Italy/Greece), Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (Russia), Rebecca Horn (Germany), Wim Delvoye (Belgium), Tom Sachs (USA), Giuseppe Penone (Italy), Atelier van Lieshout (The Netherlands), Kendell Geers (South Africa), Giorgio Vigna (Italy) and Svatopluk Kasaly (Czech Republic).

Elisabetta Cipriani at Design Miami / Basel 2013


As part of the Design Onsite programme Elisabetta Cipriani will present ''Superficie'' a bracelet and a necklace designed by Enrico Castellani and realised with the same ingenious technique and tools applied ten years ago to create his works on paper. The geometrical patterns created in these jewels alternate positive and negative space and establish a strong interplay between light and shadow. "Superficie" are made in 18kt white as well as rose gold and each piece is an edition of 12, signed and numbered. On the occasion of the fair, a yellow gold satin version will be presented for the first time.

Giorgio Vigna Naturalia


Elisabetta Cipriani- Jewellery by Artists is pleased to announce Giorgio Vigna Naturalia on Wednesday 30 May from 6-8pm. This is the first solo jewellery exhibition by Giorgio Vigna in the UK. Giorgio Vigna’s unique jewellery is the essence of natural elements in their most primitive and primordial state. They are geological adventures of earth and water, fire and wind, light and shadow, which form the basis of the artist’s research; where the natural and the artificial, the macrocosm and microcosm meet and collide and are defined through their opposition and contrast.