Giorgio Vigna Naturalia

Giorgio Vigna Naturalia


Elisabetta Cipriani- Jewellery by Artists is pleased to announce Giorgio Vigna Naturalia on Wednesday 30 May from 6-8pm. This is the first solo jewellery exhibition by Giorgio Vigna in the UK. Giorgio Vigna’s unique jewellery is the essence of natural elements in their most primitive and primordial state. They are geological adventures of earth and water, fire and wind, light and shadow, which form the basis of the artist’s research; where the natural and the artificial, the macrocosm and microcosm meet and collide and are defined through their opposition and contrast.

Rebecca Horn – The Neshapour Spirals


Elisabetta Cipriani- Jewellery by Contemporary Artists is pleased to announce Rebecca Horn first exhibition of jewellery The Neshapour Spirals on Thursday 17th of November from 6-8pm. Rebecca Horn's jewellery are made of rare Neshapour Turquoise and Snail Fossils, mounted on 22ct yellow gold. Each piece is unique and comes with its own gouache, rich in the artist’s iconic, lyrical, gestural marks. These extraordinary jewels embody the concept of time and the reaching of spiritual life. The snail fossil is spiral-shaped, representing the Energy. Its primordial shape takes us back to the origins of life and reminds us of the need to constantly evolve. Rebecca Horn has chosen the turquoise, connector of Earth and Sky, and of its wearer to Earth and Universal Energies. The jewels are made in collaboration with Luisa del Valle, a special friend of Rebecca Horn's and a goldsmith from Barcelona whose Etruscan jewellery technique enhances the visual and tactile senses. The turquoise was meticulously sourced from the mine of Neshapour in Iran.